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Allied Irish Banks, p.l.c. is one of the so-called Big Four commercial banks in Ireland. AIB offers a full range of personal, business and corporate banking services. The bank also offers a range of general insurance products such as home, travel and car. It offers life assurance and pensions through its tied agency with Irish Life Assurance plc. In December 2010 the Irish government took a majority stake in the bank, which eventually grew to 99.8%. AIB's shares are currently traded on the Irish Stock Exchange and the London Stock Exchange, but its shares were delisted from these exchanges between 2011 and 2017, following its effective nationalisation. The remainder of its publicly traded shares were listed on the Enterprise Securities Market of the Irish Stock Exchange until 23 June 2017.

A former bank official mentioned, "I would starve, before I would work for AIB again. Bullying is rampant in the organisation and nothing is done about it. I had to go on sick leave from the pressure and stress of the place. It knocked my confidence for some years later. Stay away."


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Former Employee - Bank Official says

"Miserly attitude to staff, will fight you for every qtr percent pay rise... until you give your notice then they suddenly can offer a good raise."

Former Employee - Credit Analyst says

"Shocking pay. No progression whatsoever and no opportunities there. No benefits/perks. Management talk a lot with positive spin with performance review etc. but it's a lot of rubbish. Same with senior management, look down at you and no respect for the people who take the brunt of the backlash from the public. It's ok if you're stuck for a job but that's about it."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Holidays are hard to get Easily transferable Workload Parental leave non existent in branches Flexible time hard to get Unrealistic targets Constant monitoring Progression is non existent Training is non existent"

Current Employee - Credit Manager says

"Complexity increasing all the time, sometimes it feels like this is genuinely just to make the job more difficult. Impossible to deliver for our customers. Managers no longer deal with customers or credit analysis and therefore dont care about feedback from front line staff."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Top heavy, career progression difficult, promotion and pay poor. Too focused on cost cutting. Talks the talk but full of lip service"

Former Employee - Finance Director says

"Sexist, parochial, backward, process driven instead of strategic. Unable to harness what they really need from the Big 4."

Current Employee - Business Advisor says

"Total and complete disconnect between head office and branches. Branch staff esp in lending teams have huge workloads, time pressures, constant competing priorities and no support / insufficient resources to do the jobs. Our lives revolve around checklists and constant fear of 'breaching' a policy or procedure which dictates how we operate. There is a fear of speaking out in case you are branded as being negative or 'offered' a secondment to a project in Dublin which is hours from your home....Yes it happens!! Alternatively, you may get 'offered' a relocation to a branch miles away. There is no HR presence on the ground as the powers that be got rid of HR Manager roles a number of yrs ago. Now you can send an email to a faceless person in Dublin....No one cares. We do a pathetic staff survey every yr which is pointless as nothing ever changes. Most people at this stage just tick what they want us to say otherwise you end up at meaningless and mind numbing tick box meetings about how we can improve things...none of which ever happens . When will they listen and see that staff are genuinely stressed out, burnt out or on sick leave due to massive workloads!! I've seen staff crying with the pressures while others have simply resigned. We all laughed at the recent award given by Gallup as it being a great place to work. Perhaps it is if you are working in head office or departments. For the rest of us at the coal face it's a totally different environment."

Current Employee - Credit Analyst says

"Woeful Pay, no promotional opportunities"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Very little consideration for staff well-being, the term 'only a number' is very evident. Problems are simply brushed under the carpet."

Current Employee - Bank Official says

"Nonetheless the only one day that"

Customer Service (Former Employee) says

"left aib training team in collections. Very dull job , a lot of information to take in. rudest trainers, impatient, unprofessional, rude. Awful experience.None"

Bank Official (Current Employee) says

"Aib need to review there management of how they treat staff. The rank staff in a unfairly manner and do not consider the hard work there staff put in. It would appear they rather review the negative over the positiveLocation areaA lot"

Credit risk analyst - FSG Credit Unit (Current Employee) says

"Each department runs independant of each other therefore I can only speak of my own department. Some departments run really well and others really poorly. The training is not exist. I was trained by someone who started 3 months before me who had not been trained by anyone at all. It is very much 'rank' orientated with innovation and individuality being non existent and not encouraged. Hours were long, overtime was mandatory, stress was guaranteed. No one really knows what they are doing, more so just being good at 'playing the game'. Can only sum it up as a complete waste of my time.AIB looks good on your CV when you leave.Indepth research of your prospective department is required."

Business Customer Advisor (Current Employee) says

"You are just a number in AIB. No promotions or advancement opportunities in branch banking. You have to jump through hoops AND give a kidney to get an annual 2% pay rise. Avoid."

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"I worked with AIB as contract staff and thoroughly enjoyed the challenge meeting Branch targets and incentives. Great staff Very little training and up skilling time made for new staff. Very much learn as you go. If you are competitive and tough skinned then go for it."

Senior Personal Financial Advisor (Current Employee) says

"Good placwe to work with friendly staff - many branches under resourssed and liasing with departments can be very difficult. Alot of things are very unstructured and learning tends to be on the job which is great if one is allowed the time."

ADMINISTRATOR (Current Employee) says

"I have been fortunate in my time with AIB, to have been able to go on a number of secondments. I have been able to see what it is like to work in a number of different areas. I have particularly enjoyed my time working on projects. The time I spent in the various projects was interesting, challenging and no two days were the same.Agile working, good benefits"

Customer Engagement Specialist / Bank Official (Current Employee) says

"Hard to be promoted, repetitive work, no professional training provided - you always depend on your colleague to teach you and if he/she is not in the mood to teach you..bad luck!"

SME Relationship Manager (Former Employee) says

"Due to staff shortages, quite stressful to work in. Not enough work life balance consideration given, only in theory. Very demanding sales environment, not enough staff supports."

Customer Relationship Manager (Current Employee) says

"A place where the rate of change is fast paced. There is a clear line of sight to what the company want and need to achieve. Plenty of opportunity to learn new skills."

Bank Official (Former Employee) says

"worked in a variety of roles over the years and gained experience in different areas such as administration, HR, lending, staff training, and gained extensive knowledge of various operating systems."

Static data senior officer (Former Employee) says

"I have 10 year experience at AIB bank Kabul Afghanistan I am punctual and hard working about my responsibilities have a team work experience a I doing my best ."

Personal Sales Advisor (Current Employee) says

"Good place to work , very friendly outgoing environment , very fast paced and can be stressfull , only problem was lack of progression due to job freeze ."

Human Resources Quality Management Official (Former Employee) says

"Loved my years in the Bank up to the Crash when thinks suddenly changed. The structure, Staff Levels, Training became an issue. Banking changed like everything now it became technical which is fine except when you like dealing with the public and helping and seeing customers on a daily basis. I think I missed that the most and when redundancy came up I decided it was time to go. I love customer contact and that is why I started my new job and I must say I love that again. AIB were very good to me with regards salary, job sharing when my children were small and I thank them for that. I missed my colleagues when they left and worked with 14 starting out and staffing levels reduced then to 5 which was a struggle.SalaryStress levels/staffing levels"

Secretary (Former Employee) says

"Nice, wide variety of work/jobs involved, certainly not bored working. Working with a group of colleagues. Relief duty available meaning you can work in different branches.Dealing with people/customers.None"

Officer status (Current Employee) says

"Good working enviroment. Large portfolio with opportunity to cross sell Good colleagues with option to progress. Fast paced with targets that can be metGood study options"